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Home Asbestos & Non Asbestos Packing Jointing sheets and Gaskets
Offering 30 years of technical knowledge & experience
"Champion" jointing sheet technology is based on a tradition which stretches back over few decades. With close co-operation with our customers, by constant development of composition of materials and by use of high quality raw materials, the company has produced reliable gasketing products which always correspond to the latest state of technology.

"Champion" products are developed with the strong belief on the proven fact that the most qualitative gasket is cheaper than the work necessary for changing an improper gasket.

Gasket Selection
Gaskets must maintain a seal for an acceptable period against all of the operational forces involved and to achieve this, there are eight important properties which any good gasket should possess:
  • The gasket should not be porous to the fluid being sealed.
  • The gasket should compress into the imperfections on the flange to create initial seal on application of sealing force.
  • The gasket should not show significant creep under the influence of load and temperature. Such flow will allow the bolts to relax, reduce gasket surface stress and cause leakage.
  • The gasket should be capable of catering to slight distortion between the flanges.
  • The gasket should withstand chemical attack from the media being handled.
  • The gasket has to be easily dismantled after use.
  • The gasket should be able to withstand effects of temperature of the confined media.
  • The gasket should not cause corrosion of the flange faces.
Champion Asbestos fibre jointing sheets are manufactured on latest factory equipments and developed with the aid of research and scientific facts to take care of one and all of above factors combined with highly specialised technical knowledge of Engineers with experience of a life time. Our products meet with the increasingly exacting requirements in Engineering and chemical industries for contact gaskets on fixed sealing faces. Champion Asbestos fibre jointing sheets are manufactured to international quality standards, which our customers can depend upon. The operating temperature for Asbestos fibre jointing sheet material is related to the thickness selected. Thinner materials offer better temperature and pressure properties.

SHEET SIZE : 2M x 1.5M upto 6M (variation±5%)

Nominal Sheet Thickness Approx : 0.4/0.5, 0.75/0.8, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 mm upto 6.0 mm (variation±5%)

  Style 20 Steam  
Compressed fibre jointing is a consistently uniform pliable and resilient product. A price worthy quality of dependable performance, plus adaptability to many sealing requirements makes this 'STEAM JOINTING' the most popular choice sheet packing of plant engineers and maintenance men.

Specification Compliance
IS-2712 - 1998
IS-2712 - 1979 Grade W / 3
IS 2712 - 1971 Grade C

Recommended Maximum Temperature : 380°C. Recommended Maximum Pressure : 35 Kg/

  Style 20 Metallic  
A Compressed Asbestos Fibre Jointing with wire gauze insertion supplied with Graphite Finish. Used for general purpose application where conditions of tempreate and pressure arento too severe.

Recommended Maximum Temperature : 415°C.
Recommended Maximum Pressure : 40 Kg/

  Style 54 Super  
DESCRIPTION : Manufactured from excellent quality of Chrysotile Asbestos Fibre and raw materials. the blend being intimately mixed with heat resisting rubber compounds under special process, to ensure maximum stability against high pressure and temperatures. Though primarily a super heated steam Jointing it is also recommended against saturated Steam, Oxygen, petroleum distillates. oils and fats, fuels, internal combustion engines, hydrocarbons, alcohols, solvents, lyes, etc. It is popularly used in MARINE ENGINES, electricity generating sets etc.

Technical Data :
Recommended Maximum Temperature : 550°C.
Recommended Maximum Pressure : 150 Kg/

Specification Compliance
(Indian IS 2712 -1998 Grade W/1), (IS 2712 -1971 Grade A/S),
(DGS & D G/MISC/ 81-C item 12 (a) Special Quality)
(British BS 2815 -1973 Grade A)

  Style 54 Super Metallic  
DESCRIPTION : A Compressed Asbestos Fibre Jointing Graphited embedded with a strong reinforcement of steel wire gauze, THE SUPER METALLIC gasket sheet is superior in performance over other forms of Jointing Sheets where severe physical conditions of High Pressure and temperature have to be resisted. It is effectively used under rapidly changing operating conditions of pressure, where vibrations are experienced, where the flange of the gasket joint is narrow, in diesel exhaust manifold, cylinder head gaskets, internal combustion engines and Air Compressors.

Recommended Maximum Temperature : 600°C.
Recommended Maximum Pressure : 160 Kg/

  Style 39 High Pressure  
DESCRIPTION : Manufactured from selected quality of Asbestos Fibre and vulcanized with special rubber compound to meet with the exacting requirements of modern industry. Used for applications against dry and wet steam, water, gases, alkalies, oil at normal temperatures, chemicals, fuels etc. and general engineering. CHAMPION Style 39 can also be provided with wire gauze insertion in graphited finish.

  Style 59 Oil  
DESCRIPTION : A high grade Asbestos Fibre Jointing bonded with a sophisticated compound, this specialised jointing withstands the most exacting demands of oil and Petrochemicals plants, solvents refrigerator, oil etc. Used in pipe lines and apparatus of the petrochemical fields, petroleum distillates, oil and petroleum refining industries. It is also recommended in industrial processes with high contents of aromatic substances, sulphurous compounds, chloric hydrocarbons, phenols, refrigerants, etc. Use of CHAMPION oil jointing sheet assures safety and economy even on critical working conditions. The jointing gives satisfactory services against steam also.

Recommended Maximum Temperature : 550°C.
Recommended Maximum Pressure : 150 Kg/

Specification Compliance
(Indian IS 2712 -1998 Grade 0/1), (IS 2712 -1971 Grade A/O)
(DEFENCE TS RED/71/59), (British BS 1832-1972)

  Style 60 Acid  
DESCRIPTION : This is a specialised Asbestos Fibre Jointing Sheet which is intimately bonded with Acid resisting compound, to withstand the corrosive action of acids and chemicals. Recommended for use against hot concentrated organic, Inorganic and mineral acids including hydrochloric, sulphuric (oleum) and nitric acids, under service conditions of temperature and pressures commonly encountered in Chemical Industries.

Recommended Maximum Temperature : 210°C.
Recommended Maximum Pressure : 150 Kg/

Specification Compliance
(Indian IS 2712 -1998 Grade A/1)