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Home Fenner Engineering Products Keyless Bushing
Offering 30 years of technical knowledge & experience
  Keyless Bushing 110   Self-Centering
  • Allow the use of small diameter hubs
  • Shafts 6-130mm
  • Torques up to 25000Nm
  • Medium-high torque
  • Limited installation time
  • Restricted hub diameter
  • Very low surface pressure
  Keyless Bushing 130 / 131   Self-Centering
  • Low surface pressure
  • Shafts 20-180mm
  • Torques up to 66000Nm
  • High torque
  • Limited installation time
  • Application economically advantageous
  • Excellent shaft-hub perpendicularity
  Keyless Bushing 132 / 133  
  • Medium-high torque
  • Limited installation time
  • Application economically advantageous
  • Interchangeable with 200
  Keyless Bushing 134   Self-Centering
  • Variable bores with fixed OD
  • Shafts 14-50mm
  • Torques up to 1830Nm
  Keyless Bushing 200   Not self-centering
  • Industry standard
  • Shafts 20-900mm
  • Torques up to 1650000Nm
  Keyless Bushing 250/250L   Self or Not Self-Centering
  • Radial tightening nut
  • Shafts 14-70mm
  • Torques up to 1360Nm
  Keyless Bushing 300   Not self-centering
  • User specified pressure flange
  • Shafts 6-540mm
  • Torques up to 400000Nm
  Keyless Bushing 400   Self-Centering
  • Heavy duty model
  • Shafts 45-600mm
  • Torques up to 1695000Nm
  Keyless Bushing 450   Self-Centering
  • Economical heavy duty
  • Shafts 25-100mm
  • Torques up to 28800Nm
  Keyless Bushing 603  
  • Shrink discs
  • Hollow shaft outside diameters 14-480mm
  • Torques up to 1500000Nm
  Keyless Bushing 500  
  • Rigid joint
  • Shafts 17-80mm
  • Torque up to 4300Nm