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Offering 30 years of technical knowledge & experience
The grades and sizes available make PTFE Tubing ideal for applications such as medical, chemical and automotives.

PTFE Tubing is unique in many ways when compared to conventional polymer tubing:
  • Highly resistant to corrosive chemicals
  • Working temperature range of -200C to +220C
  • Chemically inert - making it ideal for medical applications
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction
  • comes in sizes ranging from 1mm to 25mm diameters.
Type Descrption Purpose
Single-lumen Plain PTFE tubing with single outer and inner walls Many applications across industries
Multi-lumen Single outer tube with multiple inner tube cavities Each inner tube holds a different fluid/ wire - useful in medical Application
Split Ridge on tube wall allowing it to be split longitudinally Surgeon can remove a PTFE introducer from a patient while the primary device remains in place
Heat shrinkable Thin tubing which shrinks in diameter when hot air is applied to it Used to sheath wires, glass tubes for insulation or protection
Filled Chemical additive giving radiopaque Additive Used in medical inserts -to show up in X-rays
Property Comments Applications
Heat resistance Working temperature range of -260 to +260oC Melting point of 327oC High temperature fluid transfer Insulation of metal parts
Dielectric strength Working range of 50-120 Kilovolts per mm Insulation of electrical cables
Low friction Coefficient of friction of 0.1 Almost identical static and dynamic coefficients Inserts into human body Sheaths on metal parts
Corrosion resistance Water absorption at 0% Chemically inert - affected only by molten alkali metals, fluorine and chlorine tri-fluoride at elevated temperatures and pressures Chemical substances transfer Protection of metal parts