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Home Fenner V Belts Speciality Wrapped
Offering 30 years of technical knowledge & experience
  Speciality Wrapped   Fractional Horse Power Belts (FHP)

Features :
  • Specially compounded base for good flex fatigue resistance
  • Polychloroprene rubberized poly cotton jacketing fabric
  • HMLS polyester cord gives low stretch and better flexibility
  • Oil / heat resistant antistatic
2000 Series
2170 (17 inches) - 2664 (66.4 inches)

  • Hexagonal Belts for Rice Mills & Jute Mills
  • Q & R-Section Belts for Harvestor Combines
  • Banded Belts for Class Combines (3JB81)
V-Crested Belts
  • Pentagon shaped profile provides a rough surface where tiles are supported on the top edge
  • Provides with hard and rough surface texture to improve life