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Authorised Distributor of SKF

Authorised Distributor of SKF
SKF quality tools distributor in Kolkata

As an Authorized Distributor of SKF, Expo Groups takes pride in delivering unparalleled quality and reliability in the realm of industrial bearings and components. Our partnership with SKF, a globally renowned leader in the manufacturing of bearings, ensures that our customers receive products of the highest standard. At Expo Groups, we go beyond being mere distributors; we strive to be your trusted solution provider, offering a comprehensive range of SKF products tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide. Our commitment to excellence and the esteemed SKF brand solidifies our position as a premier Authorized Distributor, dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and performance of your machinery.

With an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Expo Groups stands as the beacon of authenticity in the distribution landscape as an Authorized Distributor of SKF, Expo Groups. Our close collaboration with SKF allows us to offer an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge solutions, ensuring that businesses benefit from the latest advancements in bearing technology. Whether you are in manufacturing, construction, or any other industry, Expo Groups guarantees access to genuine SKF products, backed by our commitment to prompt and reliable service. Elevate your operational performance with Expo Groups, your trusted partner and Authorized Distributor of SKF, committed to delivering excellence in every bearing.

SKF Products

SKF Bearings

SKF Bearings epitomize excellence in precision engineering, setting the benchmark for reliable performance. Renowned globally, these bearings ensure optimal efficiency in diverse applications, from automotive to heavy machinery. Trust SKF Bearings for unmatched quality, durability, and seamless operation in every rotation.

SKF Seals

SKF Seals redefine sealing solutions with precision and durability. Engineered for various applications, these seals ensure robust protection against contaminants. Trust in SKF Seals for reliable performance, prolonging the lifespan of your machinery with cutting-edge sealing technology.

SKF Lubrications

SKF Lubrications epitomize cutting-edge solutions for optimal machinery performance. With a commitment to precision, these lubrication systems ensure friction reduction, extending equipment life. Trust SKF for advanced lubrication technology, enhancing efficiency, and minimizing wear in diverse industrial applications.

SKF Maintenance Products

SKF Maintenance Products redefine industrial upkeep with innovative solutions. Engineered for reliability, these products streamline maintenance tasks, ensuring operational longevity. From advanced tools to efficient equipment, SKF Maintenance Products empower industries to uphold peak performance, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

SKF Power Transmission

SKF Power Transmission stands at the forefront of driving industrial efficiency. With a diverse range of components, including belts, pulleys, and couplings, SKF ensures seamless power transfer. Trust in SKF’s precision engineering for robust solutions that optimize performance across various applications.

SKF Power Transmission Belts

SKF Power Transmission is the epitome of reliability and efficiency in industrial machinery. With a comprehensive range of components such as belts, pulleys, and couplings, SKF ensures seamless power transfer, contributing to optimal performance and longevity across diverse applications.

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